5 Things to Know About HIIT Workouts

HIIT is an acronym for High Intensity Interval Training. It is a form of training that comprises of high intensity exercise periods alternated with active recovery or rest periods. The training normally takes a short period of time during which the heart rate is brought to its maximum level especially during the high intensity exercise period.


If you are concerned about your metabolic condition, fitness, cardiovascular health, body composition and natural endorphin boost, then HIIT is the training for you. Knowing about the training is important before commencing it. If designing your own HIIT working isn’t right for you check out our critique of p90x, probably the most popular HIIT style workout today.

The following are 5 things to know about HIIT workouts. They can help you know more about it.

1. HIIT workouts requires very little

HIIT workouts mostly require the weight of your body only. The only other thing that you can get is a timer because the workouts need to be timed correctly. You don’t have to go to a gym as you can clear some space at home and start the training. You can still stick to your workouts even when travelling because all you will need is a small clear space even if it is in a hotel. Burpees are part of the workouts and can help in telling how much little you require for a complete session.

2. They help in improving the muscles

HIIT workouts are normally followed by a new muscle build up. After doing them for some time, you will notice certain muscles that you never knew you had. HIIT will be promoting your cardiovascular health and at the same time be building your muscles better. This means that you will be gaining two important things that you want in the same time. Figuring out on whether to take a resistance or a cardiovascular training will therefore not be necessary.

3. They improve the VO2 max

VO2 max is the highest limit of oxygen that your body can use during an exercise. It is what the athletes use in measuring their aerobic capacity. Its increase reflects an equivalent improvement of your health. HIIT workouts help in pushing your body to operate at its highest capacity within a short period of time. This raises your VO2 max and in turn raises your fitness and activeness.

4. They promote metabolism

The production of energy from the fats in our bodies is important for both our health and activeness. During the intense workouts, the amount of oxygen that you take is believed to help in burning body fats for a couple of hours after the training. HIIT workouts therefore leave your body metabolizing better, faster and longer. That is why the urge for a heavier food intake kicks in after the exercise.

5. Sleeping habit gets improved

Healthy sleeping is important in various ways. It is recommended by the doctors as it can help you avoid varying health conditions. Even if HIIT workouts are normally done within a very short period of time, they always leave you exhausted. This is something important in inducing sleep. A complete HIIT session is enough to help you gain sleep quickly and enjoy it throughout the night. The exercises can end up being a long life solution to your sleeping problems.

4 Tips for a Better Leg Workout

According to most professional bodybuilders, the legs are one of the most feared parts when it comes to bodybuilding. This is mostly due to the intensity levels involved in leg workout sessions. Leg muscles also tend to require much more effort and dedication to gain than most other body muscles. To help you gain more from your exercise regime, here are 4 tips for a better leg workout you might want to look at.

1. Prepare Well Psychologically
Just like any other exercise out there, you have to enter your gym or leg workout environment well psychologically prepared. Well, in most cases, leg workout will involve lifting heavy weights and doing moves that will highly strain your muscle and sometimes drain you. Preparing well psychologically means getting in there amped up with a positive and motivated attitude. If you have a negative or weak attitude against leg workouts, you will want to drop that and visualize success instead.

Focus more on the end result as opposed to the pain and strain. Focusing on something that pisses you off can help amp up your psyche through the negative energy. It tends to raise your testosterone levels, which boosts your muscle energy levels, increases fatigue time, and reduces your recovery time. As much as you want to harness your negative energy, however, learn to clear distractions off your mind through meditation before and when lifting. Last but not least, having some music playing in the background will also hype up your leg workout sessions a great deal.

2. Put More Focus on Deadlifts and Squats
The rule of thumb for better leg training is to exercise all leg muscle groups at least weekly. However, as much as there are numerous leg exercises to choose from, squats & deadlifts should be your best friends if you need to get the best out of your leg workout sessions. For the best results deadlifts and squats mostly require being done at higher intensity leg training level, so be sure to do them at the beginning of your session. Most importantly, make sure you use the right form to avoid injuring yourself. As a matter of fact, back injury is a common consequence of leg training exercises that aren’t done right. Contrary to the belief of some weightlifters and athletes, leg presses won’t replace squats no matter how much you do them.

3. Check How You Breathe When Working Out
Your breathing technique is quite crucial during exercise, especially intense exercise such as leg training that involves heavy lifting. The right breathing technique will not only boost your lifting energy, it will also help protect your spinal column from injury. The trick is to breathe in a way that increases pressure in your thoracic and abdominal cavities. Here’s the best way to breathe during leg workout.

• Negative Rep – Inhale
• Positive Rep – Hold Breath
• Rep Complete – Exhale

3. Consider using a Weight Lifting Belt
In addition to boosting your core strength, a weight lifting belt helps protect your spine from injury. It is a belt worn tight on the abdominal area to help boost your lift during heavy leg training. It saves your back while helping you lift more.

4. Exercise Caution
Caution is key in any workout regime. With leg training, however, parts such as the lower back and the knees are more prone to sustaining an injury, especially when lowering the weight. Such injuries can put you off the game for a while, if not entirely, which will affect your ultimate gain from the leg workout. Exercise great caution during your negative reps and keep the weight in control during your lifts to avoid hurting these delicate body parts.

Exercises that Super Charge Weight Loss

Exercising is one of the well-known and scientifically proven ways of helping a body stay healthy and in shape. The same goes for weight loss which is becoming more and more of an issue in the modern world, mainly thanks to unhealthy diets. With constant access to fast foods and eatable items that are very rich in calories, the number of people struggling with being overweight or even obese is getting larger year by year. However, even though many of these people are determined to shed their weight using exercise, more than often they come across a strange paradox: they regularly work out but still, the number on their weighting scale remains the same.

This situation is due to the fact that not all exercise is beneficial to the weight-loss process and some of them have even a counterproductive effect where the weight of the person exercising begins to rise. Fortunately, for anyone who wants to shed their unwanted body fat, there are several effective exercises that not only support weight loss but also actually charge the same process to make it even more effective. Here is the pick of the three top fat burning exercise that anyone can start doing right now.

Low-Impact Jogging

Jogging is always a great exercise for practically all ages, but the main thing about low-impact alternative is that it is very easy on the person’s joints. By taking jogging sessions using a very slow pace and doing them over a prolonged period of time, a person can make sure that there are no inflations (which hamper the recuperation and fat burning) and that instead, the person jogging feels completely fine during their runs. Also, by making these runs long in terms of both time and distance, the runner’s body can really start burning their fat deposits and eventually allow them to enter a supercharged state of weight loss.

Endurance Swimming

Swimming is an exercise that is also famous for its ability to burn fat. This comes from the fact that water is an environment full of resistance so that any movement causes a lot of calories to be spent. The way to supercharge this process is to go for the endurance alternative. With this, the swimmer creates strokes at their pace and level of intensity but has the task of doing this for as long as possible. Endurance swimming makes sure that no particular group of muscles gets buffed at the expense of the rest of the body. Instead, it provides a setup where the entire body can get in a better shape and end up losing excess fat.


CrossFit represents a combination of activities that include very mundane things, like pulling rope or carrying sacks of sand while running short distances and then turns them into sets that need to be completed inside of exercise routine. Since it started to become popular, CrossFit has taken over the globe because it helps individuals to burn fat while they are also shaping their core muscles, giving them a lean and strong figure. Also, being that these exercises are very down-to-earth means that anyone can make a CrossFit workout area in their backyard with only a few simple items they can buy at any home improvement store.

With these distinct types of exercise, anyone can be sure that they will be able to lose weight in an effective manner.